International conference
10. - 11. 10. 2007 | Brno, Výstaviště
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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Conference opening
9:00 Martin Ander, náměstek primátora města Brna


Paula Cadima, Evropská komise

Be active, get passive: European projects help to transform the market

Vladimír Vlk, ředitel Odboru udržitelné energetiky a dopravy, MŽP

Operační program Životní prostředí

9:45Rainer Pfluger, Passivhaus Institut (DE)

Development of the passive houses in the world

10:15Georg W. Reinberg, Architekturbüro Reinberg ZT GmbH (AT)

Development, state of the art and future of the passive houses demonstrated with the examples by Georg W. Reinberg

10:45Jan Tywoniak, Fakulta stavební ČVUT (CZ)

Low-Energy und Passive Buildings in Czech Republic - Barriers and Opportunities


11:30Lunch break
Architecture, technical solutions, experiences from the building
13:30Mojmír Hudec, ATELIER ELAM (CZ)

Passive houses using the straw. Examples of the buildings and possible solutions in passive houses.

13:50Szymon Firląg, Instytut Budynków Pasywnych (PL)

Certified passive building in Poland

14:10Michal Navrátil, RIGI - stavební firma (CZ)

Building of a passive house under Czech conditions

14:30Jan Řežáb, JRD s.r.o. (CZ)

Commercial realisation of an energy efficient multi-family house in Czech Republic

14:50Henrich Pifko, iEPD (SK)

First passive houses in Slovakia


15:30Coffee Break
Renovation using passive house components
16:00Ernst Heiduk, Fachhochule Technikum Kärnten (AT)

Reflections on the greatest construction challenge - the refurbishment of Eastern European panel buildings

16:20Beate Schneider, Osika GmbH Projektentwicklung (DE)

The sustainable and energy efficient refurbishment of a protected building using elements for passive houses and the innovative design of details

16:40Michael Tribus, Michael Tribus Architecture (IT)

Conversion and Renovation of the former Post Office Building in Bozen

17:00Matthias Taube, Planungsbüro Taube (DE)

Factor-10 refurbishment in the case of a hundred-year-old apartment building in Chemnitz in Germany

17:20Manfred Görg, proKlima - Der enercity-Fonds (DE)

The release onto the market of a refurbishment conception using elements for passive houses in Hannover


20:00Evening event

Thursday 11 October 2007

Non-residential passive buildings
9:00Andreas Nordhoff, IBN Passivhaus-Technik (DE)

An office building without additional costs thanks to intelligent technology

9:20Lutz Laier, Architekturbüro Laier (DE)

Lu-teco, design and building of a passive office building

9:40Roman Smutny, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (AT)

Post-Occupancy-Evaluation of the Passive House Students’ Guesthouse Molkereistraße in Vienna


10:15Coffee Break
Architecture, technical solutions, experiences from the building
10:45Petr Morávek, ATREA, s.r.o. (CZ)

The Český Ráj - Koberovy set of residential passive houses

11:05Martin Treberspurg, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (AT)

Experience in the design and construction of a multi-storey passive apartment building against the example of Pantucekgasse

11:25Eugen Nagy, max 15, s. r. o. (SK)

Application of the energy optimisation method of passive houses

11:45Martin Krč, Vize Ateliér, s.r.o. (CZ)

Passive house Letovice

12:05Werner Hackermüller, architekt hackermüller (AT)

The working report climate-comfort-quality - from passive houses to CO2 neutral houses - standards of quality and aesthetic relevance


12:45Lunch break
Innovative components und solutions for passive houses
14:00Klaus Michael, Niedrig-Energie-Institut (DE)

Ground heat in a passive house. Preheating air in winter and pre-cooling air in summer

14:20Pavel Kopecký, Fakulta stavební ČVUT (CZ)

The ground heat exchanger - assessment of data measured and thermal humidity simulation

14:40Reinhard Weiss, drexel und weiss energieeffiziente haustechniksysteme gmbh (AT)

Economy and Energetic Performance of semi-centralised Concepts

15:00Eberhard Paul, Paul Wärmerückgewinnung GmbH (DE)

Refurbishment with ventilation - placement of the unit and new variants for ventilation in houses and apartments

15:20Jiří Novák, Fakulta stavební ČVUT (CZ)

Measuring the airtightness of a set of energy passive houses in Koberovy - results and experience


16:00Coffee Break
Conference closing
16:30Roland Matzig, r-m-p architekten und ingenieure (DE)

Solar quarter in the Rosengarten - quarter with 21 passive houses

17:00Josef Chybík, Fakulta architektury VUT v Brně (CZ)

Passive houses in architectural education

17:20Josef Smola, Projektový a inženýrský atelier (CZ)

The architect's responsibility in planning low-energy and passive houses

17:40Panel discussion

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